Plastic Palemahan

Light Harvest Studio
Post-Production, Film Scoring
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"Plastic Palemahan" is an environmental arthouse short film addressing plastic pollution, edited and music composed by Matyas Kelemen. Inspired by traditional dance and the ancient Balinese concept of "Palemahan", meaning harmony with nature to avoid disaster. The film uses traditional Balinese dance and mythology to interpret a modern day story of disharmony. The over use of consumer plastics takes on a life form of its own, overwhelming and devouring the peaceful way of life in the temple.

Directed by Ryan Uzilevski, the founder and CEO of Light Harvest Studio, who was inspired to make this environmental arthouse short format film during his travels to the region. Drawing inspiration from the widely known 'Kekak' dance ceremonies, where entire villages perform group vocal percussion chants together as the soundtrack to their religious theatrical dramas.

During Balinese new year, the "Ogo Ogo" ceremonies are performed. This ritual involves the construction, and then slaying of a giant demon effigy. Designed to embody whatever disharmony has arisen in their village during the year, it is a way of cleansing the mind and spirit of the community.

Shot on location in Bali with the Pura Griya Sakti Manuaba temple tribe.
Post-Production was done in New York City at Reality Engine Studios.
Edited and scored by Matyas Kelemen, the music was created from field recordings captured on set and around the temple area including the local gamelan mobile sound system. Transforming the traditional sound to a modern deep techno infused audio landscape, emphasizing the cultural and technological clash between these two worlds.

Plastic pollution and climate change are parallel global emergencies.
It is both an environmental and social justice issue. Fence-line communities are most adversely affected by plastic pollution at every stage of its lifecycle. There are many ways you can help stop plastic pollution.

You can help support a clean environment by supporting these organizations: