Robot Heart

Robot Heart
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Immersive Sound / Light / Video-Mapping installation.

Matyas Kelemen and his team was tasked with building this large scale immersive multi media projection mapped installation for the Robot Heart Halloween event. The setup included two 40k Lumens projectors to create the backdrop for the bus on a 110ft wide, 25ft tall wall surface. Along with an array of intelligent lights there were also 8 moving head video projectors setup to project on various surfaces within the warehouse; periodically switching positions creating a more dynamic viewing experience. Additionally we used LED wall panels on the famous Robot Heart Bus Sound System and the giant 20ft tall Robot Heart logo.

Robot Heart is a collective of doers and dreamers, artists and entrepreneurs. Our home is in the desert dust of Burning Man, and the streets of New York City, Detroit, San Francisco and Hong Kong.

Home is wherever the Heart is.

Robot Heart is a community and a family, and our events at Burning Man, in New York and around the world are an extension and celebration of that community, bound together by shared values of inclusion, giving, environmental responsibility and mutual respect.

Music is our first language, and our mission is to bring love and beats to the world. We work with and support artists, technologists and visionaries of all types in order to create incredible experiences and connected moments. To create love and beats, for you.