Frank Somma
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Documentary film style promo video created for visionary sculptor Frank Somma, showcasing his project for Burning Man. Directed and edited by Matyas Kelemen, this multi-camera in studio interview with the artist captures him explaining the process and meaning of his Introspection titled piece. Intercut with other examples of monumental artwork from the playa, demonstrating the essence of the creative force present at the multi faceted cultural festival.

Frank Somma has been fascinated with clay modeling, practical special FX, puppetry, toy design, stop motion animation, and film design since early childhood. Inspired by filmmakers and artists such as Stan Winston, Tim Burton, Todd Macfarlane, and the Brothers Quay, Somma attended the School of Visual Arts, and later worked for master toy designer Digger Mesch at Art Asylum Productions making prototypes for Marvel Comics action figures. He also studied under MTV stop-motion animator and FX artist Eric Fogel. These experiences allowed him to realize that his nature is as a three dimensional artist.

Unlike the original piece, this incarnation will be an enormous torso rising out of the ground. The sculpture will have an interactive interior space where the citizens of Black Rock may ascend to a platform located at the center of the chest cavity. There they may have their own moment of self-reflection while gazing out onto the Playa.

This 40-foot digital enlargement made from a laser scan of the original bronze, will also feature state of the art lighting, custom graphics, and 3D projection mapping.

These technologies will allow light to glow from within the chest and beam across the Playa. The projection mapping will show images that suggest a release of negative energy that then creates a space for personal transformation. Within this new space of compassionate understanding and acceptance, a person may realize his or her highest self. The graphics will illustrate this moment of realization with designs that demonstrate an outpouring of love and creative energy.

These various layers of tech, modern design, and classical realism will combine to create a work of art that transcends the original version’s theme of solitary self-reflection. Together they will show not only one’s inner journey but an instance of discovery and a shift in consciousness.

The installation will have a rugged, earthen texture and will be coated with the sand of Black Rock City. This symbolizes an individual’s connection to the transformative power of the Playa and the collective soul of all its citizens rising up from Mother Earth in a unified moment of self-actualization.