Blue Cologne

Mike Ruiz
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Blue Cologne brand video spec produced for Canadian-born celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz, as part of a series of spec advertising pieces. Matyas Kelemen has a long and ongoing history with Mike, executing post-production for many of his video oriented fashion projects, music videos and films.

If only it took just one whiff to bring men flocking to store shelves to buy your company’s cologne there would be no need to marketing other than having a good product. How ever with so many types of cologne available, the actual scent of a cologne is only one aspect when it comes to implementing advertising strategies that help boost sales. Today’s cologne marketing rarely focuses on an unusual scent or using interesting ingredients; instead, it relies on advertising to sell the fragrance as an accessory.

It’s not easy to sell a smell. That's why the best fragrance campaigns rely on selling a mood — and often involve people everyone knows or wants to sleep with.

Figuring out the best advertising strategies for your cologne requires knowing everything possible about your target market, whether it's young men in their 20s or older men with money. Sexual preference may also play a role in the type of ad you create. Your cologne may need to appeal to a target market other than the one that eventually wears it -- women. Because women often buy the cologne their men wear, your ads need to get their attention and make them want to buy it for the guy in their life. Another potential buyer to consider for example may feel buying cruelty-free fragrances is important.

The message you create depends on your target market, For example, if you aim to appeal to young men, you'll probably want to focus on messages and images that suggest sex appeal. If your cologne is more of a clean, fresh scent, your message needs to appeal to sports aficionados and family men. More sophisticated messages would be geared towards men who are successful and have the money to buy any cologne they prefer, regardless of price.