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Brick Blair
Music Video
Direction, Post-Production
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Music video produced by AB Strategy for singer/song writer Brick Blair. Directed and edited by Matyas Kelemen, this video in a collage of old video footage from Brick's life, cut together with clips Brick shot with a self constructed snorricam rig walking around on the Brooklyn waterfront.

An elegant & vulnerable exploration of how the things to which we pay attention make us. Would life as a creature with no concept of fun actually be easier? What if hate is not the worst thing that happens to us after heartbreak?

Note from the artist:
I’ve been a farm boy, fired choir boy, best boy, and a cowboy. A mechanic, a drunken wreck, a trucker, and a nailer.
A baler, a swather, a mother, a father.
A Brethren, a preacher, a missionary, a teacher.
An Albertan, Victorian, New Yorker, valedictorian.
A hoser and a closer, a fisher and a fighter. A painter, a framer, a gamer, and brat tamer. A guru, a journalist, a heathen, a hedonist.
A photographer, biographer, a guard and a center.
A monogamist, polyamorist, enveloper and developer.
A hunter, biographer, racer, and writer. I’ve lost it all but kept the rest. And finally, I am—and will always be—Brick, and these are my songs. I hope you enjoy them. Thank you for your attention, because your attention is your time, and your time is all you really have.