Last Drag

Sea to Sun Recordings
Music Video

"Last Drag" was written by Anton Bass, Sylvia Tosun and Tom Lord-Alge, performed by Traci Lords. This video remix post-production project by Matyas Kelemen was created from the original version of the music video directed by the iconic Zalman King. Musically, it is a pop rock. It is set in a nightclub where Lords is surrounded by her "temptations".

Traci Lords exploded on the scene in 1986 via a tabloid TV feeding frenzy. Reporters had a field day with the notorious teenager who had left behind an abusive home and landed on the pages of Penthouse Magazine. America was fascinated with the eighteen-year old sexpot who reportedly had starred in dozens of hardcore porn movies and dared seek a legitimate acting career. People laughed but Lords marched boldly on. The past is the past she said, and Im done with all that. She enrolled in the famed Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and was soon cast in her first feature film, Roger Corman's sci-fi cult hit, "Not Of This Earth".

A review in the Los Angeles Times cut to the chase: The answer is yes, she can act! Faint praise indeed but Stephen J. Cannell was impressed enough to cast her opposite Kevin Spacey in his critically acclaimed television show "Wiseguy". Lords held her own and the industry began to take notice.

A series of guest starring appearances on such popular television shows as Nash Bridges, Tales From The Crypt and Married With Children followed. But it was John Waters Cry Baby that elevated her to the level of an actress to be reckoned with. She was cast opposite Johnny Depp and once again demonstrated a flair for comedy. But her past continued to cost her roles. A multi-tasking fiercely driven young woman, Lords refused to be dismissed. I worked too hard for fifteen minutes of fame, she said. Im gonna need at least double that and then she broadened her net and took it.

While working on shows like Roseanne and Melrose Place, Lords musical aspirations lead her into a parallel career as a singer/songwriter. She made her recording debut as a guest vocalist on the Manic Street Preachers Little Baby Nothing and then went on to record her debut solo album "1000 Fires" for Radioactive/MCA Records. The Juno Reactor-produced first single, Control proved a smash hit reaching a peak of #2 on the Billboard Dance Charts. Shortly thereafter, it was chosen for the soundtrack of the film Mortal Combat which ultimately earned Traci her first double platinum album. Her second single, Fallen Angel aroused the interest of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Chad Smith and Dave Navarro whom Lords convinced to remix the track. Their version was dubbed The Honeymoon Stitch Mix and the critics and fans ate it up.