The San

Kiah Keya
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Documentary film about the San Bushmen of Africa. Directed by Kathi Von Koerber, who traveled to the region to capture the lifestyle and traditional form of healing through dance. Post-Production by Matyas Kelemen at Reality Engine Studios. The two part project involved interviews with the tribe, as well as an immersive video presentation edited for three screens with surround sound audio, showing their ancient dance rituals.

The indigenous Bushmen or San people of the Kalahari area, represent a nomadic tradition dating back over 70,000 years. Global modernization and severe lack of resources have driven them to the brink of extinction, forcing them to live in small remote camps, abandoning many of their traditional forms of survival.

This project, one part documentary, one part an immersive experience; allowing audiences to get a glimpse of their village life as well as virtually part take in a traditional trance dance ceremony. The ritual involves the women seated in a circle representing the Gia and feminine energies, while the men march around them wearing the musical instruments on their legs. The intricate rhythms formed by the chanting and stomping of feet evokes the universal mythology of creation and healing. It is through their music and celebration that they preserve a sense of unity and heritage.

We will invite the viewers to take part in this experience presented in surround sound and wrap around 270 degree projection. The Audio-Visual installation is designed to transport participants into this sacred dimension of ritual and ancient wisdom.