Too Close

Sydney Gordon Music

Lyric Video


Lyric video created by Matays Kelemen, “Too Close” features an ethereal pop-trap style track with Sydney’s intimately sung vocals narrating a cat & mouse like dance-chase. Asked about what inspired the lyrics for “Too Close” Sydney explains;

“Too Close” is about almost falling for someone but not letting your guard down in order to protect yourself. I think that almost everyone has experienced this feeling- you want to give in and take the risk of trust, but you’re scared of getting hurt. For this record, I decided I would paint a picture for my listeners based on a previous experience of mine. In this track, I’m admitting to this boy that I want to get close to him, but I push him away in fear of being let down like I have in the past by others. It takes a lot for me to break down my walls and let someone get close to me. I think this record describes this part of me perfectly which is why I love it so much.”