8bit Style

Reality Engine
Music Video
Production, Post-Production

Music video created by Matyas Kelemen for a self produced song “8bit Style”. Drawing on the 80’s style 8bit video game era, it’s a pixel ripping mashup of iconic cultural references such as Mario Brothers, Donkey Gong, Star Wars, Kraftwerk, UFO’s, even Duck Hunt. Combining an 8bit flavor electro house track with sound bites from retro video games, it creates a mind bending media collage with an eclectic soulful edge.

The Reality Engine AV Live Show was an electronic music inspired Audio-Visual project conceived by New York City based multimedia artist, Matyas Kelemen. It was created together with Mikhail Gervits and Luis Campos, between the years 2010-2017. Reality Engine productions focused on Audio-Visual driven, immersive dance-floor experiences. Transcending genres, synchronizing cutting edge video-mapped installations with music, images and lighting, creating a unique, mind-bending experience of visuals you can hear and sounds you can see.

In his many years as a producer, DJ and AV artist, Matyas toured South America and Europe, playing to massive audiences at festivals such as: Trancendence (Br), Creamfields (Br), Universo Paralello (Br), Tribe(Br), Sziget (Hu) and Peninsula (Ro).

On New Years Eve in 2011, Reality Engine opened for Infected Mushroom at Best Buy Theater, Time Square, NYC. Becoming regulars at popular NYC based events, Reality Engine shows could be experienced at hotspots like Provocateur, Cielo and Verboten. They often also performed at Burning Man type events such as Disorient, iFeel and Robot Heart, where they created full-blown immersive Audio-Visual experiences.

New Year’s Eve 2015, in collaboration with Light Harvest Studio, Reality Engine premiered “i(holographic)” at BangON! NYC’s massive warehouse event, “Time & Space”. Utilizing state of the art holographic projections, immersive visuals and lighting with a foot stomping sound that transported audiences to a virtual dreamland.

Reality Engine’s music collaborations with Monikkr on “Get Behind Me” and “Gonna Make You Mine” released by NYC Bass Collective, includes a 3D anaglyph music video created by Matyas Kelemen.

"Delivering unique mind bending experiences to the dance floor, Reality Engine will take you on a journey that shows you how deep the habit hole really goes."  -Tilllate Magazine